Sturgill Simpson Rips The ACMs A New One After Merle Haggard Award Announced

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Sturgill speaking his mind today, after the ACMs announced the new Merle Haggard Spirit Award.

Miranda Lambert was given the award, but Sturgill’s issues run much deeper and he explained in a lengthy Facebook post this morning…

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“I’m writing this because I want to go on record and say I find it utterly disgusting the way everybody on Music Row is coming up with any reason they can to hitch their wagon to [Haggard’s] name while knowing full and damn well what he thought about them,” Simpson wrote. “If the ACM wants to actually celebrate the legacy and music of Merle Haggard, they should drop all the formulaic cannon fodder bullshit they’ve been pumping down rural America’s throat for the last 30 years along with all the high school pageantry, meat parade award show bullshit and start dedicating their programs to more actual Country Music.”

Simpson opened his post by explaining Haggard’s attitude toward Music City…

“Many years back, much like Willie and Waylon had years before, Merle Haggard said, ‘Fuck this town. I’m moving.’ And he left Nashville,” he wrote. “According to my sources, it was right after a record executive told him that ‘Kern River’ was a bad song. In the last chapter of his career and his life, Nashville wouldn’t call, play, or touch him. He felt forgotten and tossed aside. I always got a sense that he wanted one last last proper victory lap of his own, and we all know deserved it. Yet it never came. And now he’s gone.”

Mic drop.

h/t Rolling Stone

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