An Open Letter To The Bands Behind The Solo Artists

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To the bands behind the solo artist,

Thank you. Although you’re not the face of the act or usually included in the praise for an artist, we appreciate you. A singer couldn’t be a huge act without a full band backing them up and bringing life to their songs. They can only do so much acoustically. One of my favorite parts of a live show is when the lead singer introduces the band. The class acts in country music give each band member a solo in some sort of song or medley and, if done correctly, its killer. Band members, go all out when given that opportunity. Because why not? That’s your time to shine the brightest. The drummers, bass players, lead guitarists, rhythm guitarists, and more, we appreciate you. Your hard work won’t be ignored. And get used to the fans wanting pictures with you too. Simply put, your lead singer needs you and so do the fans. Now continue killing it.

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They couldn’t do it without you.


Country Music Fans Everywhere

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