My Only Wish Is To Hear Clark Manson’s New Single “3 Wishes” Again

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2016 will go down as the year of the summer jams in country music. Add this one to the list.

Clark Manson’s new single “3 Wishes” is guaranteed to be stuck in your head after your first listen. It’s a feel good song about being so in love that nothing else matters. We’re all chasing that perfect summer night and Manson captures that idea perfectly with this tune. “It’s just a light-hearted and fun summery type of song,” says Manson.

The Ohio native first heard the song over a year ago and it’s been on his mind ever since. “One of my really good friends, Josh Melton, wrote it by himself and played it for me and then a year and a half later I was still jammin’ this song. I had to cut it.”

Thank God he did, because the only 3 wishes you’re going to have right now is to grab your guy/girl, get real close and hear it again.

Click here to download “3 Wishes” on iTunes.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock