Introducing Kelleigh Bannen: Singer/Songwriter & Connoisseur Of “This Nashville Life”

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Kelleigh Bannen is a country music renaissance woman in every sense of the word.

The perfect combination of sassy and sweet, Kelleigh Bannen is a force on stage with a high energy stage presence, captivating fashion sense and powerhouse voice that would rival just about anyone in Nashville. Currently, she is out playing shows, working on her new album, and interestingly enough, she’s put together a badass blog called “This Nashville Life,” which has become a must-visit among the staff here at Whiskey Riff.

“At a time when I’m not necessarily putting out new music or part of a major tour, I felt the blog was the best way for me to stay connected to my fans.” she tells us.

Featuring everything you would want to know about a woman’s journey through the Nashville country music scene, Kelleigh tackles every topic from music and fashion, to beauty and fitness with unparalleled honesty.

“This Nashville Life” also features many stunning covers of the latest hits in both country and pop music.

If you want a fun, yet “no bullshit” look into the world of country music, then “This Nashville Life” needs to find a spot on your bookmarks bar immediately.



Visit Kelleigh Bannen’s iTunes

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