Country Date Night: 9 Easy Ways To Melt Her Country Heart

I know it can be difficult to find a great idea for that special country girl in your life.

The dinner and a movie routine is so played out and sitting in the dark, not talking, isn’t any way to get to know someone anyway. The good news is that country music is littered with great date ideas that get you outside, having fun, and falling in love.

1. Stargazing

Throw down some blankets and pillows in the back of your truck, grab a nice bottle of 6 dollar wine, turn on some music, cuddle up and enjoy the view.


2. Mudding

Take out the 4-wheelers and get as dirty as possible. When you get back, hose each other off and see what happens next.


3. Fishing

It’s practically free, slightly competitive and if she’s not all that good at it, you’re going to be the guy teaching her all the tools of the trade. Simple as that.


4. Outdoor Dinner

If you have ever seen an episode of The Bachelor, you know they are always having a beautiful candlelit dinner in some romantic outdoor location. So cook her a nice meal and set up a table in a nice outside location. If you don’t think you can cook then go on YouTube and figure it out. No excuses.


5. Take A Drive

Spontaneity is key here. No plans are necessary so just get in the car and drive. When you’re good and lost go ahead and get out and explore some place new.


6. Midnight Swim

Clothing optional.


7. Go Hunting Or Shooting

Guns can be dangerous and the idea of a little danger is exhilarating. Get her heart racing.


8. Horseback Riding

Horses are fun. Enough said.


9. Campfire

Cuddling up next to a cracking fire is simple and romantic. Crack a couple beers and if you can play the guitar and sing her favorite country song, you’re golden.