Whiskey Riffers, Help Us Help A Veteran.

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It’s been crazy seeing our following really take off this past year – we owe everything to the Whiskey Riffers and can’t wait to continue to grow with you, and help country music the best way we can.

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Something I’ve been wanting to do, is use our voice to give back – it’s a really important thing for all of us here, and now is the time. We’ve never done this, so no idea how it will go, but the plan is to be doing things like this consistently moving forward.

So, we want you to help us help a veteran. To start it will be pretty simple – we need your stories. Maybe you are the veteran, maybe you know one. Times are tough for a lot of the vets out there, which is painful to see.

Send us your veteran stories, and why we should help. It can be something as simple as someone wanting enough money to buy a new guitar, or maybe help paying hospital bills, or maybe helping the kids of the veteran with clothes for summer. It’s all fair game. We’ll set a up a crowdfunding campaign once we pick the story and try to raise a shit-ton of money. 

Send your stories to whiskeyriffsteve [at] gmail [dot] com along with any verification information so we can confirm a Vet is just that, a Vet – no funny business.

I’m ready for you guys – spread the message, and let’s help. USA.

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