The Cheaper The Beer, The Better The Time

I like beer. The good, the bad, the ugly.

I look at beer as a symbol of emotions and actions – every beer represents something different. Sure, I can have a $12 beer served in a funky glass from time to time, but try having 8 of those in the sun. Waking up feeling as if someone extracted your brain, ran it through a washing machine, then reinserted it into your head with a straw isn’t my kind of fun.

Now, have 13 Busch Lights, take a break, have 7 more, have a few more – it’s actually doable. For me, the cheaper the beer, the better the time.

Here are 23 reasons why.


23. You can Stone Cold Steve Austin them.

22. You’re probably drinking something made in America.

A person holding a trophy

21. You can tailgate all day long.

20. Light beer = heavy drinking without yacking.

19. It’s way more refreshing.

18. When’s the last time you drank a 12 pack of Duvel tailgating for Chesney?

17. Or for your favorite football team?

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16. By drinking light American beer, you weed out all the pretentious assholes.

15. It’s forgiving at a warmer temp – try drinking an IPA at room temp. Actually, don’t. Don’t try that.

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14. You can shotgun them.

13. You can beer bong them.

12. You can get drunk for less $$.

11. You can throw them to people and not worry about broken glass.

10. You can smash them on your head.

9. They are perfect for beer pong.

8. They go great with summer.

7. It’s easier to make friends as you have more beer to give out (30 racks).

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6. The hangover is much more forgiving.

5. They go better on a boat.

4. Or at the beach.

3. And with country music. Or whatever music.

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2. For me, a [insert American beer] Light is the best shower beer. Take your hippie tree bark beer out of my shower.

1. When you’re throwing them back, you’re probably with your best friends, celebrating something, or nothing, but it always ends up being one hell of a time.

A person holding a trophy

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock