“American Sniper” Widow, Taya Kyle Shoots Perfect Score & Wins Charity Sniper Competition

The widow of Navy SEAL sharpshooter Chris Kyle likely would have made her late husband proud by winning the ‘American Sniper Shootout’ charity event that was named after him on Saturday. 


Novice shooter Taya Kyle defeated reigning NRA champion Bruce Piatt and raised $500,000 for her husband’s charity by notching a perfect score at the shootout competition in Mason, Texas.

The inexperienced markswoman used the computer-equipped M600 and M800 rifles with precision-guiding technology that were made by TrackingPoint to defeat Piatt, Fox News reported.

The rifles, which were developed with input from Kyle’s husband, all feature ‘RapidLok Target Acquisition’ technology that automatically will acquire and track a target while the trigger is pulled.

In addition to help her raise money for charity, Kyle also thinks the technology could help save lives.


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