3 Artists I’d Love To Drink 15 Beers With

What do I love about country music?

If I had to pick one thing, it would be how so many of the artists are real people. They know the fans are everything, and they treat them as such. So, I started to think about who I’d love to have some drinks with. Not just have a drink with, but sit down for a long time, chat, get sauced with. Who would be your top three?

Here are mine.

Kip Moore

Kip’s one of the most genuine dudes in the business. He’s all about his fans, his live show, and taking the time to thank anyone, and everyone, that supports him. Having met Kip a few times, we can say that he was on the nicest guys out there and always gracious with his time. He’s one of a kind.


Jake Owen

If you follow Jake on social media you know why he’s on this list. Fans are grabbing beers with Jake regularly. He’ll tell fans to swing by the bus, meet them at a bar, or surprise them with free tickets. Jake may not remember this, but right before we started Whiskey Riff we told him about our direction (at a surprise show at Joe’s in Chicago). He couldn’t of been more supportive of our vision. We’ll never forget that.


Dierks Bentley

We have to admit, when we met Dierks at Windy City LakeShake we fangirled a bit. It was our first major event to cover, and we got the chance to talk with one of our idols. He’s truly a man of the people. The fans. He asked us as many questions as we asked him. That aside, I’m sure you’ve seen Dierks’ ability to shotgun a beer. I’d love to go one on one, and would gladly get my ass kicked.


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