18 Of The Top Tweets About Eric Church’s Epic Album, “Mr. Misunderstood”

Eric Church’s surprise album, Mr. Misunderstood, has been making noise all over the Twittersphere in the past weeks since its release and for good reason.

It’s amazing. Here are some of our favorite tweets, including some from a few familiar faces.

1. If you don’t like Eric Church’s new album then we may struggle to be friends.

2. Gotdamnnnn Eric Church is the man.

3. The new Eric Church album is so good. He’s just a bad mf’er.

4. I think Mr. Misunderstood is @ericchurch best work to date! ? #RecordYear is ?? Can’t wait to see you in Ireland next year!!???

5. @ericchurch is quite literally the Country Music Jesus. Everything he touches turns to gold.

6. Eric Church’s new album is like Springsteen and Van Morrison got together for a whiskey in Memphis and then invaded my soul.


7. Slightly obsessed with Mr. Misunderstood by Eric Church. ?


8. Erich Church – Mr. Misunderstood ….. the whole damn album gives me the feels.


9. @ericchurch the louder I play Mr. misunderstood the better it gets!


10. If u haven’t bought Eric Church’s new CD Mr Misunderstood you have to do it now! It’s amazing! Every song is just killer!!!



11. Eric Church newest album is fire! #MrMisunderstood

12. eric church’s new album is INSANELY good. #mrmisunderstood

13. When you don’t want to pull up to the drive thru yet because you’re jamming out to Eric Church’s Mr. Misunderstood. Whoops. #sorrynotsorry

14. @ericchurch Phenomenal new album – can’t just listen once! Sticking to country roots, can feel the emotion. #MrMisunderstood #AlbumoftheYear

15. @ericchurch Your new album just flooded my soul w/☀️ & makes me want to offer the ? my ❤️ to eat like the shiniest ?.

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