FYI, Emotional Support Squirrels Are Not Allowed On Planes

Emotional support animals are out of control.

According to Fox Cleveland, a Frontier Airlines passenger boarded Flight 1612 in Orlando, with an emotional support squirrel. The airline said the passenger noted in her reservation that she was bringing an emotional support animal, but it was not indicated the animal was a squirrel.

Frontier said “rodents, including squirrels are not allowed” on its flights.

The passenger was advised of the policy and asked to get off the plane. The airline said when she refused, Orlando police were called and requested everyone be deplaned so they could deal with the passenger.

Police eventually escorted her off the plane and took her to the main terminal.

Wow, where to begin…

First of all, squirrels look cute, but they’re trained assassins, ready to kill you at the drop of hat. Emotional support? How does walking a squirrel around an airport calm your nerves? I get stressed when I’m trying to take a bottle of shampoo through security and you’re trying to sneak a squirrel on the plane? And, the cherry on top of this shit sundae is that she makes everyone on the entire plane get off so police can escort her off. Middle finger in the air as they do so. Such a dick move. Put him in the cargo hold, he’ll be fine, he’s a squirrel.

But, like I said, trained assassins. Snake-eating trained assassins.

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