People Are Comparing this New Bottled Sangria To The Old Four Loko, “Blacking Out” and “Tweaking” After One Bottle

I gotta try this stuff.

It’s been about 8 years since Four Loko removed the caffeine from its recipe. I was in Panama City Beach the last time I hit the Loko hard, and man oh man, what a night. My legs literally stopped working and I tried to call room service with a piece of deli meat. Good times.

There’s a new product on the market creating a buzz in more ways than one – Capriccio Sangria.

After doing a quick search of the product on Twitter, you’ll see people comparing it to the old school Four Loko. The tweets range from…

“Y’all i’m about to try the capriccio sangria & even the cashier told me he blacked out after having one bottle.”@joventony


“Make sure you have a real relationship with the Lord before drinking this.” – @coco_yumyum


According to USA Today, Capriccio Sangria claims they’re the best-selling Sangria in the Caribbean. I looked it up at some Chicago stores, and a 4-pack goes for about $9. NICE. Capriccio Sangria is 13.9% alcohol and “bursting with fruits and bubbles.” And also apparent memory loss based on these tweets.

I really gotta try this stuff. Thanks to Twitter having a freak-out over its potency, it’s been tougher to find in stores. I’m ready to kick back on a patio, put on some Alan Jackson, and go blind on some sangria. Who’s with me??

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* cover photo via Martin Godwin / Getty Images

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