Study and Science Say Couples That Get Drunk Together Are Much Happier

Don’t you love science and studies by smart people? I do.

According to a magical new study, couples who get drunk together, are way happier than those that don’t.

The study, published in the Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Series, found that couples who drink together report being a lot happier with their partner and their relationship than those who only have one partner going out, or not drinking together.

For the study, researchers surveyed 4,864 married people, with the average relationship being 33 years. Participants were asked how often they drink in a week, and how much they drink each time they pop a bottle. All very important questions.

Researchers found that couples over the age of fifty reported better marriages if both partners drank alcohol. If one partner drank and the other didn’t, they were more likely to report feeling unsatisfied in their marriage. If neither drank, a similar positive response was given (not surprising).

Analysis of the data showed that the quantity the couples drank didn’t matter, or how often per week. What really mattered was that if they were going to drink, they did it together. Don’t forget, you’re a team, so if there’s drinking to be done – get drunk together.

Now, go tip it on back. Cheers.

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