West Virginia Dad OWNS Creep For Approaching His Young Daughter

dad defends daughter

A good ol’ fashioned, well-deserved, a**-whooping is what you call this.

Samantha Wilkinson of West Virginia shared the following about her YouTube video which shows her husband manhandling a local pedophile:

“My 6 year old daughter and her two friends were tried to be lured to this creep today after multiple times of my husband telling him not to speak to my daughter or any children around here..”

Obviously, the scumbag didn’t listen…

“I called the cops but they didn’t make it before my husband, and this was the outcome…”

As you’ll see, the young dad slaps the mess out of this creep until he begs for mercy.

The cops were called, and eventually showed up to arrest the guy, but if it were up to me, and I’m sure many other fathers out there, this pervert would’ve been taking an ambulance to the jail.

Props to dad for putting this guy in his place, and he probably deserves props for restraining himself as well.

You love to see it.

West Virginia Man Named Tyler Childers (Seriously) Arrested After Police Find Drugs, Sword & Dead Deer In The Truck

You can’t make this up…

An Elkins, West Virginia, man has been arrested after police found drugs, a sword, and a dead deer in the vehicle. And his name… Tyler Childers. No, it’s not the Tyler Childers we all know and love, but it might as well be a character in one of his songs.

According WBOY, Rebecca Chandlers and Tyler Childers were pulled over after their gold Chevy Blazer nearly hit another car making a turn. When police pulled them over, they noticed a large sword in the passenger’s seat and “rotting” smell coming from the back of the truck. The driver, Chandler, was noticeably “jittery.”

Chandler had a bit of weed on her but denied knowing anything about the dead deer, and Tyler Childers was found with drug paraphernalia and baggies of meth. Chandler was charged with misdemeanor possession and conspiracy, while Childers was charged with felony possession and conspiracy.

And of course, the irony this situation is that Tyler Childers sings about the kind of issues that this Tyler Childers appears to be facing… drugs, poverty, incarceration… the issues that continue to plague that Appalachia region. Tyler’s music is so damn authentic that guys with the same exact name as him are living out the stories that he tells… unfortunately.

“There’s a huge opioid epidemic,” said Childers in a previous interview with The Tennessean. “I’ve seen it firsthand with family and friends and people I grew up with. … How do we do something? How do you raise awareness? How do you help people get help who really want the help, you know, that maybe can’t afford to get it on their own?”

Cue the “Nose On The Grindstone.”

Cue the “Honest Work”

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