Matthew McConaughey Calls Out Hollywood Elites, Says Far Left Is “Arrogant, Condescend, Patronize The Other 50%”

It’s a beautiful thing to see a guy as successful and famous as Matthew McConaughey still have his head on right when viewing the world, and the two “sides” of the political spectrum.

If you’ve paid any attention to his virtual press tour the last few weeks (for his new book Greenlights), he’s taken issue with both sides, many times, calling for an overhaul on how we do politics…he even said that he might consider running for Texas Governor as he sees politics to be a “broken business.”

McConaughey is a self-described Centrist, who digs deeper, and most importantly, finds nuance in the way he looks at politics and the people who support a given agenda. It’s refreshing, he takes issue with both sides on a lot of topics, but is particularly fed up with the way people go about making their point heard.

This is the exact opposite of what you see on Facebook when people you know share mind-numbingly divisive political articles based on a headline, without actually knowing a damn thing about how the world really works.

Russell Brand and McConaughey went DEEP into politics and the far Left (among many other topics) during a recent episode of Brand’s Under the Skin podcast.

“There’s a kind of offhandedness, like, ‘Oh, they’re dumb, they’re voting for Brexit, they’re voting for Trump.’ I don’t like it, and I don’t like to hear it,” Brand says.

Matthew agreed.

“There are a lot of people on that illiberal left that absolutely condescend, patronize, and are arrogant towards the other 50 percent,” McConaughey replies.

“I’m sure you saw it in our industry when Trump was voted in four years ago, they were in denial that was real. Some of them were in absolute denial,” McConaughey continues.

“Now it looks like Biden’s our guy. Now you’ve got the Right that’s in denial, ’cause their side has fake news. And I understand, they’ve been fed fake news. No one knows what the hell to believe, right? So they’re putting down their last bastion of defense.”

“I almost feel like it’s a move to say, ‘Let’s get aggressively centric. I dare you.'”

Matthew also went at the Twitter Blue Checks for attacking people from afar, calling it “short money” and “rubbernecking” through life.

This is a great chat.

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