EXCLUSIVE: Bri Bagwell Debuts Music Video for “If You Were A Cowboy”

You better be listening to Texas country if you consider yourself a true fan of the genre.

Why? Songs, and artists, like this – Bri Bagwell. The rising star will be on Travis Tritt’s team on the new USA show, Real Country, and Travis really knows his shit.

Today, we’re debuting Bagwell’s music video for her single, “If You Were A Cowboy.”

When speaking about her new album, In My Defense, Bri said that “This is the only song on the record I didn’t write. It wasn’t my intention to cut outside of my craft, but my producer Rachel Loy played me the song, and I instantly looked at her with ‘I-have-to-have-this’ eyes.”

“I am so proud of the record we have created, no matter how cliche that sounds. I have put everything I have, and every dollar to my name creating this record for myself and my fans. I truly believe it is the best record I have ever released, and the pressure I felt to create something great pushed me to the max. I embraced it. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

I think you’ll dig this.

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