Dog Bar With Special “Dog Beer” Is A Real Thing & Now You Can Officially Get Sh*tfaced With Your Dog

If you wanted a dog before, this could be the final push you need to make the jump and go get one.

“Specially brewed beer made of chicken and vegetables and ice cream made from bananas, peanuts, yogurt and soy milk are top items on the menu at Monty’s Dog Beach Bar. Happy canines and their proud owners can each get a sun bed, and take a dive in the water.”

I’m seriously going to adopt a puppy just so I can go to this place and get sh*t-faced with my dog on the beach. You want to talk about man’s best friend? There is no stronger bond than drinking buddies.

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Order a hat, get a koozie. ????

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A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock