Research Confirms Nobody Likes Busch Light More Than Iowans

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In a groundbreaking and extremely scientific study, researchers discovered something anyone living in Iowa already knows: we love our Busch Light. A lot.

So much so, that according to the Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association, nearly 16 million gallons of Busch Light were shipped to Iowa in a single year. These noble researchers also did the math for us and that comes out to a humble seven gallon pony keg per every adult in the state.

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A former student at the University of Iowa myself, I can say that a good number of these “adult” Busch Light connoisseurs reside in Iowa City. The rest are throwing down in some shed out on their classmate’s farm.

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The best part about Busch Light, other than its impeccable affordability, is the fact that it’s enjoyed by all Iowans, young or old. Hey Iowa readers, raise your hand if you’ve ever cracked a cold one with your parents and their friends around some cheap fold up table at a graduation party of bellied up to the basement bar.

A black coffee maker on a counter

That’s what I thought.

Busch Light, Busch Latte, whatever you wanna call it, we Iowans love it.

Even the ones in Ames.

A black coffee maker on a counter

It’s almost tailgate time, which means Busch Light consumption is about to skyrocket. I say we up those pony kegs to 2 per adult this year, what do you say, Iowa?

I’ll cheers to that.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

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