Hey Mountain Dew Fans, You’ll Love This “Not Your Father’s” Flavor

A group of bottles

Did anyone else grow up pounding Mountain Dews at middle school parties or drinking so many of them you threw up?

Now you probably throw up because you drink too much of other, more adult beverages.

Fortunately, those two sugar filled, alcoholic worlds have now collided into one beautiful, toxic looking neon green bottle.

The geniuses at Not Your Father’s, who originally gained their claim to fame with an alcoholic root beer are responsible for this creation and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Sorry awkward middle school kids doing weird shit in your parents basements, this one isn’t for you (yet).

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This release is fairly new to the market, but you can use this handy dandy tool to find the closest distributor to you.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock