13 Signs You’re Really In Love. The Real Love. Not The Fake Stuff.

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What does it mean to really be in love?

I’m not talking Disney movie fairy tale love, I mean the kind of love that’s real. Here are 13 signs you’re actually in love, for real. No bullshit. Real love.

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13. You love them even during the worst of their moods.

12. You fight over nothing and get over it within 5 minutes.

11. You talk about poop. Yes, girls poop! They do…

10. You buy each other body stuff. Like going to Walgreens for tampons or facial toner. Hey, you gotta do it.

9. You fart around each other. Chili night is a blast.

8. You tell the other person when they smell like shit and it doesn’t upset them.

7. You’re not afraid to gain a little weight. I’m so gross. Oh well, fuck it.

6. You pig out on super unhealthy shit food around each other and fuckin’ love it.

5. You two love to get drunk in your own place, not a bar, and just laugh at stupid stuff.

4. Cooking dinner together is fun and relaxing and chill and good and better than a fancy shmancy date.

3. Going to Bed Bath & Beyond on a Saturday morning is LIT. Maybe you’ll even swing by Whole Foods, who knows.

2. The same type of people annoy you both when you’re in public and you love complaining about it.

1. You know you have nothing to prove, and that your love outdoes all other love. The love runs deep, and at times is hard to describe. You just know it’s something special.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock