This Crock Pot Rib Recipe Is The Easiest Way To Win Your Summer BBQ

Ribs can be overwhelming, especially when cooking for a crowd.

This recipe will have you cooking ribs all year long, but, since it’s summer, go impress your friends with this recipe right now.

What you’ll need:
Slow Cooker/Crock Pot
1 large rack of baby back ribs
Your favorite Rub (I use McCormick’s Sweet and Smokey)
Your favorite BBQ Sauce
If you like a little kick, I recommend anything with Habanero

1. Rub the ribs on both sides
2. Put Ribs in crock pot with bone end up
3. Leave in slow cooker/crock pot for 6-7 hours on low (depends on rack size)
4. Sauce and enjoy!

Yes, it’s that simple. Even you can’t screw this up.

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