Try Not To Cry As You Watch These Soldiers Come Home To Their Dogs

This morning, to celebrate Memorial Day, I woke up early to watch my Dad and his fellow veterans march from a service at our town’s church to local cemeteries to honor the fallen men and women of the United States military. It was moving to say the least and served as a great reminder of the sacrifices it takes to keep America “The land of the Free”.

If I’m being honest, there are a lot of things about the military that make me emotional. I’ve witnessed families reunited in airports, watched all the surprise homecoming videos, heard my Dad’s story of being on a flight carrying a fallen soldier’s body home to his family and I’ve cried reading stories of the ones left behind.

So today, as we honor these men and women who have died for us, it makes it even more sweeter to rejoice for the ones who have made it home. This heart tugging video showcases men and women coming home to their dogs and their reactions are priceless. You’re witnessed love and sacrifice in the purest form here, people.

And to the men and women who have served or currently serve for our country, the ones who have given up their lives and the families of these brave Americans, thank you, and God bless America.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock