22 Things You’ll Understand If Your Sister Is Your Ride Or Die

Not only is she your sister by birth, she also is your best friend, your ride or die, your go-to, your person. If God didn’t give you her, you’re not quite sure where you’d be today.

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Here are 22 things you’ll understand if your sister is your best friend.

1. Her problems quickly become your problems.

2. If you have any news, big or small, she’s the first to know.

3. She keeps you sane when you’re home from college for the summer or at family gatherings.

4. You can be genuinely 100% yourself around her, no holding back any weird or crazy.

5. Not only do you support her in big ways, but you also show support in small ways such as liking all of her social media posts even if they aren’t her best.

6. The inside jokes are endless and unexplainable to others.

7. You get each other with just one look.

8. You share (steal) clothes.

9. When you aren’t together you find yourself constantly talking about how awesome your sister is to anyone and everyone you’re with.

10. Your sister has seen you at your worst…and I mean WORST.

11. You wish you could be as cool, sweet, funny, or smart as your sister and she probably thinks the same as you.

12. Age difference means nothing anymore.

13. Your sister is guaranteed to give solid advice because she’s not afraid to use tough love or tell you what you don’t want to hear.

14. Fights with your sister blow over after about 5 minutes because you don’t know what to do without her and because usually, it’s a fight about clothes.

15. You bond over the weird, annoying, aggravating things that your family does.

16. Even though you have different personalities, you learn and grow from each other.

17. She knows your darkest secrets and most shameful habits.

18. Approval from your sister is required.

19. You and your sister prove that telepathy is real.

20. You have the same values.

21. If someone does your sister wrong, they have to deal with you.

22. Your love is unconditional.

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

A kitchen with a sink and a toaster oven

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock