People Are Trying To Quiet Nashville’s Live Music And It’s Not Going Over Well

It’s called Music City for a reason…

Nashville is where every country music musician and country music fans alike head for a long list of reasons. It’s called Music City for goodness sake. So the fact that there are people who live here who are demanding we turn the music down really irks me. 

“Soulshine Pizza and other venues in the midtown Nashville area have been forced to STOP live music on their patios due to noise violations by a small contingency of people living in nearby condos. Their voices are small but ring loudly. Meanwhile hundreds of musicians, music fans, tourists and their families are being affected by the ordinance.  Soulshine has been told they must soundproof their patio, which they are taking steps. From their Facebook post, “we are now under court order not to have any amplified music in our venue until we can completely enclose our rooftop patio so no audible noise can be heard outside.”‘ ( 

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Okay, if you don’t want to hear live music, maybe pick somewhere not right next door to bustling restaurants, bars, and music venues? For us Nashville residents who love it, or those of you who want to help, sign their petition to help HERE.

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A beer bottle on a dock