A Checklist Of 20 Things Your Man Should Be Doing For You

Does he or doesn’t he?

Often times I think girls are in relationships for the wrong reasons. I think it’s really important to count the good and the bad and always make sure the good outweighs the bad. Relationships aren’t perfect and if they were, what are we really striving for? Finances, family issues, past relationships, are all basic issues we will have for the rest of our lives and they shouldn’t be reasons you do or don’t love someone.

Just make sure you have someone that gives you the things that really matter and the rest will work itself out. Here are some essentials…a checklist of 20 things he should be doing.

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1. Does he need to kiss you before you walk out the door every morning?

2. Does he get up to get you water or a napkin when you need it?

3. Does he buy you kiwis when you say you’re craving kiwis?

4. Does he push the hair out of your face any chance he gets?

5. Does he draw you a bath if you’re too lazy to make one?

6. Does he cook you breakfast, lunch, and dinner when you don’t want to?

7. Does he take out the garbage every night?

8. Does he clean without you asking?

9. Does he give you massages when you’re sore?

10. Does he leave you hand written post it’s around the apartment?

11. Does he still write you love letters to remind you how much he loves you?

12. Does he always watch what you want to watch?

13. Does he tell you he loves so much it annoys you?

14. Does he talk about your future together?

15. Does he call you his best friend?

16. Does he pick up after himself in a timely fashion?

17. Does he want you out with him and his friends?

18. Does he miss you when you’re gone for as little as an hour?

19. Does he work hard for the both of you?

20. Does he give you peace in your heart that he will always love you and only you?

Well…does he? If so, squeeze him tight. If not, boy bye!

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A beer bottle on a dock