Sam Hunt Wrote These 7 Country Songs, And You May Not Know It

Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Sam Hunt is a lightning rod in the country music world.

He has an incredibly passionate fan base, and incredibly passionate haters. I guess that means you’re doing something right. The worst thing would be people having no opinion. Anyways, I just wanted to remind some of the haters that Sam got his start writing.

Maybe you hate his style, sound, rise to the top – that’s fine. Don’t forget he got his start writing for others…

7. “Catch Me If You Can” – Dylan Scott

6. “Real Good Feel Good” – Neal McCoy

5. “Love Somebody” – Reba

4. “We Are Tonight” – Billy Currington

3. “Come Over” – Kenny Chesney

2. “Cop Car” – Keith Urban

1. “I Met A Girl” – William Michael Morgan

People heard WMM sing this song and said it reminded them of a George Strait song. Many were surprised to hear Sam had wrote it, and big credit to WMM for making it his own.

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