Sam Hunt Wrote These 7 Country Songs For Other Artists


Sam Hunt is a lightning rod in the country music world.

He has an incredibly passionate fan base, and incredibly passionate haters.

Maybe you hate his style, his sound, the rise to fame, or the fact many think he’s killing country music – that’s fine. He did get his start writing for others, however.

Here are 7 songs he wrote.

7. “Catch Me If You Can” – Dylan Scott

6. “Real Good Feel Good” – Neal McCoy

5. “Love Somebody” – Reba

4. “We Are Tonight” – Billy Currington

3. “Come Over” – Kenny Chesney

2. “Cop Car” – Keith Urban

1. “I Met A Girl” – William Michael Morgan

People heard WMM sing this song and said it reminded them of a George Strait song. Many were surprised to hear Sam had wrote it, and big credit to WMM for making it his own.

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