Whiskey Riff Exclusive: Talkin’ “Mud” With Whiskey Myers Frontman Cody Cannon

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If you’re looking for the second coming of the gritty, southern rock stylings of Lynyrd Skynyrd or The Allman Brothers, look no further than Whiskey Myers.

Their previous album, Early Morning Shakes, was an overwhelming success and their latest project Mud is nothing short of amazing as well.

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Produced by the hottest thing in country music right now, in that of Dave Cobb (Sturgill, Stapleton, Isbell, A Thousand Horses), Mud was the band’s second go-around with Dave.

“He’s a buddy of ours and he worked on the previous album, Early Morning Shakes. It was great to see him again, he’s a great guy, great producer, great everything.”

According to Cannon, Cobb’s magic is found in letting the artist be themselves and making what they already do sound better.

“Dave is really good about letting you be you and not trying to change too much. He makes you sound like a better version of yourself. For example, I had this riff I was playing and Dave told me to write a song for that, which I didn’t really want to at that point, but when we went in to record the title track, “Mud,” Dave just put that riff in that song and it sounded great.”

Of course, that previously mentioned magic turned “Mud” into Cannon’s favorite song on the record.

“Mud is probably my favorite song on the record. Especially live, man that song f*ckin’ rocks.”

One of the standout tracks on the album, “Stone,” has people everywhere talking. A piano laden ballad about the struggles of this rockstar lifestyle, it finishes with screaming guitars and lyrics that will put you on your knees.

“It’s just a song about my life unfortunately. A lot of people are real liking it and that’s really why we do this. People see things like that in their own life and maybe it’ll help them. Every word of it is very true man.”

With 10 tracks of real life, gritty storytelling, not an ounce of this record seems “forced” at all and for good reason. Cannon’s approach to songwriting won’t allow for themes, gimmicks or the pursuit a certain sound. Just raw songwriting that comes from somewhere deep inside.

“I never think too deep into stuff man. You just sit down when you f*cking have time, because you never have time to sit down, and just open your mind. It just channels through and comes from above. I can look at it like shit how’d I come up with that, but it just kind of comes out of you.”

Wherever these songs are coming from, one thing is clear: Whiskey Myers is forging a path of their own in today’s country music landscape and we are loving it. Rockin,’ real and unabashedly dripping in southern twang, Mud is a record that every true blue country music lover needs to get their hands on ASAP.

Standout Tracks




“Good Ole Days”

Click here to download Mud on iTunes.

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