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7 Reasons Playing High School Football Will Forever Have A Piece Of Your Heart

Football has been in the news more and more due to the dangers it brings. All these dangers are true. NFL players are starting to retire after a year, or two, saying they want to live a normal life and not risk head trauma.

Legends are saying they won’t let their kids play football. There’s a lot of debate on the direction the sport is heading. I’m not here to debate. Many of us played football growing up, never went pro, and luckily avoided multiple head traumas.

As you get older, and think back to those playing days, you can’t help but get emotional. Those years will always have a piece of your heart. Those playing days taught you a lot – taught you things you still carry to this day.

So, here are reasons those playing days will forever be one of your life’s best moments.

The camaraderie.

Your 9-5 or 3-11 isn’t going to give you that same feeling. The bond and the desire to fight for the man next to you is something this sport brings out, and something you often never replicate in your adult years.

The celebrity feeling.

You remember the days. Wearing your jersey to school. Getting pumped for the big game. You’re not cool sitting in your cubicle, and that sucks ass.

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You have grand entrances.

Hey! Look at me as I run through this inflatable helmet or paper sign. Now? Hey look at me as I shuffle around my desk and yawn all day.

The competition.

You’re competitive, you want to compete. There’s not much better competition than those Friday nights, 11 on 11.

The butterflies.

It’s a feeling almost impossible to recreate. Sure, you may get butterflies for that girl you fall for, but the football butterflies were different. Something that took you to a level of energy and dedication you didn’t know you had in you.

A row of colorful cans

People cheering for you as you “worked.”

Yeah. Sitting at your desk right now or at the work site doesn’t come with fans sitting in bleachers screaming for your success. Sad face emoji.

You were in shape.

Assuming you avoided concussions, you were in great shape as a football player. All you did was work out, play football, maybe some school work, hang with buddies. Was that the life? Yeah, it was. Now you can’t eat a donut without feeling guilty.