Miss Washington World & Kacey Musgraves Throw Haymakers On Twitter

You gotta love Twitter, right?

Kacey was performing at Bumbershoot (a Seattle festival) when Miss Washington World (Delia Lubanovici) tweeted out how excited she was to see her favorite artist (Kacey) perform.

Delia got a little upset Kacey didn’t take the time for a few photos in the VIP section afterwords. Here was her timeline of tweets…

Miss WA World 2015 Delialubanovici Twitter

Here, you can see the actual exchange between Kacey and Delia that resulted in the dreaded Twitter block.

KACEY MUSGRAVES on Twitter Delialubanovici What good is seeing live music if you cant get a picture with the artist so you can feel cool on the Internet.

Claws coming out on Twitter, blocking, emojis, ugh. Pass the barf bag.

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