Eric Church Officially Posts Countdown To His New Single

Holy smokes, people (and us) are crumbling with anticipation of new Eric Church music. I don’t think I’ve seen such a reaction or buzz in the last few years as I do now with this new single. Anything we post about the subject goes bonkers on social media, and rightfully so.

We’ve heard rumblings for a while now about Eric’s new single coming out this week, then within the past week those rumors became true. Now, Eric is really getting the people going, posting a countdown on his website and a post on his Instagram which simply reads:

July 12th – 9:00am ET

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Hopefully, this means the song will available for everyone, but there is the possibility that this could be an early release for Church Choir members like he’s done in the past. Either way, it’s almost here…maybe even a full album???????

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