This Rare 1983 Dodge Shelby D150 Ram Is What Dreams Are Made Of

When most people think of Carroll Shelby, they think Ford, Cobra or Mustang.

Well, he did a little work with Dodge too.

This beautiful ’83 Dodge Shelby D15o is straight from Shelby’s personal collection and is headed for auction this June, along with the rest of his personal collection.  According to Car And Driver, “this 1983 Dodge Shelby Ram pickup prototype is a genuine one-off, one-owner, 11,000-mile vehicle that has remained in the Shelby stable since day one.”

Can you imagine heading up to a lake house in this thing, ’90s country music on the radio, significant other lookin’ fine with their feet on the dash…. that’s what dreams are made of.

For more information on Carroll Shelby’s personal collection, visit Car And Driver.

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