16 Signs You And “Your Person” Are Killing The Game

Everyone (I hope) has the opportunity to come across a human at some point in their life that eventually becomes their “person.”

This person is who you’d turn to for ANYTHING. The good, the bad, the ugly- they are your go-to. If you’ve found someone that you refer to as “your person” don’t ever take that relationship for granted. Your life was changed forever the second they came into your life.

Here are 16 signs y’all are absolutely crushing the game.

1. When you’re fed up with people and things going on, you know you can turn to your person for sympathy and advice. Life can suck and so can people. Your person gets it and is always there for you to vent to.

2. You know just what to do if your person needs to be cheered up. You know them better than they know themselves.

3. If your person runs out of money while you’re out getting food or drinks, you cover it for them because eventually, they’ll get you back.

4. Being apart for a while doesn’t mean the friendship fades away. You keep up with each other through the distance and when you finally meet again you pick up right where you left off.

5. You have your future together planned out. “Okay, so we will graduate college, move to Nashville, live in an apartment together, and travel all over the world.” Sound familiar?

6. You have the similarities and differences. You and your person have similar taste and tendencies but you also have your differences. Regardless of your differences, you know your person will always be there to back you up.

7. Thinking and saying the same things happens more often than not. People hate it, the two of you love it.

8. You can basically read your person’s mind. You know exactly how their feeling or what they are thinking just by looking at them. It’s actually kind of creepy, but very useful.

9. Anyone who dates your person is basically dating you. Lord help that special person.

10. The two of you easily obsess over the same things. Shows, movies, new songs, etc. The two of you are so in sync. Even though occasional disagreements come along, they pass almost instantly after your 5-minute argument that the two of you have almost for fun.

11. You’re more excited for your person than they are when something good happens to them.

12. You’ve already started thinking about what you’ll say at their wedding reception during your speech.

13. No one can keep up with your conversations if the two of you are together with others around. God Bless the third wheel to this duo, they won’t be able to understand a thing going on.

14. If you’re going to jail, they’ll be the person in the cell right next to you. 

15. You two might be the weirdest people in the world but you’re also the funniest so YDGAF.

16. You two are taking on the world together and nothing will ever get in the way of that. Together, the two of you are the perfect combination of wild and free.