Eric Church Wrote “Leave My Willie Alone” After He Got Arrested For Trying To Get His Willie Nelson Records Back

Gotta love a suggestive country song about Willies.

Tyler Childers unreleased “Waylon On My Willie” is another cheeky one that’s worth a listen to as well, although a bit more direct, but this Eric Church bonus track has become a fan favorite over the years.

“Leave My Willie Alone” eventually became a bonus track on Eric’s 2009 album Carolina, but prior to that, Eric played the song quite a bit in his live show.

In one particular instance, he detailed the colorful inspiration, all completely true, behind the song:

“I had a girl in college… this particular girl, and I’m from North Carolina and where I’m from whatcha call this particular girl, it rhymes with ‘witch’ pretty much. This is a true story and when she left me and went through my record collection, and she pulled out five records in the entire collection… and three of them were Willie Nelson records it just pissed me off.

She never answered her phone when I called for some reason and that led to the whole thing about me getting arrested for stalking her… some cop said knocking a window out at 2am is stalking… So I wrote this song, I decided ‘you know what, this is a great song, I’m gonna make money off this.'”

Great stuff.

You can listen to Eric deliver the full explanation here.

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