Ted Nugent Reacts To Viral Long Island Hunting Video: “The Dumbest People In The World”

Back in October, one of the craziest hunting encounters you’ll ever see took place.

This was the post and video:

Long Island Hunter Blows The Mind Of Enraged Father & Son When He Explains He Actually Eats The Deer

Yes, that’s exactly what happens, as we wrote…

“The foul-mouthed 13 year old brat with shit for brains starts yelling at the hunter, and even hits his car with his hockey stick. Calm and collected, the hunter rationally explains that he’s going to eat the deer, and you can see the look of utter confusion on the face of the kid. The dad even claps back with an indignant, “you’re not going to eat it.”

Not going to eat it? Are you seriously that stupid? The answer is yes, yes he is that stupid…

A quick lesson on conservation and the poor quality of the factory farmed meat you buy in the grocery store and you can see both of their heads spinning right off their shoulders. Dad sarcastically calls him a hero, the spoiled-brat kid continues to cuss him out, dad calls the police… it’s just anarchy. Eventually, the Department of Environmental Conservation shows up and confirms that he’s well within his rights to hunt there.”

A few months later, Ted Nugent is reacting. I know, usually people are arguing politics with Ted, but right now it’s just about hunting and conservation of wild life.

The interview starts with Nugent’s insane method to free two locked bucks, then gets to this video about the Long Island hunter, or as Ted puts it:

“The dumbest people in the world.”

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