Black Bear Caught On Camera Trying To Sneak A Deer Across Washington State Backyard

Bear in Washington dragging a deer
Steve Kiggins

You never know what these bears are up to. When it comes to animal intelligence, black bears have it. They’re existence is rather simple though. Simply put, they eat a lot of food. That’s what their whole life revolves around for the most part, and they have adapted to become experts at finding it.

Black bears typically weight between 150-300 pounds but can reach over 600 pounds in some areas where they are well fed. They generally hibernate for part of the year, so they really need to put down some calories before they take a big ol’ nap.

They will eat anything from grasses and berries, to road kill or even hunt for small mammals. They are agile creatures that can run and climb, swim, bite and claw their way through nearly anything, even larger animals when they want to.

This black bear was caught in action on a backyard security camera in Washington State. It’s seen walking out of the woods and checking out the scene before turning back and going the way he came.

A second later, he’s on his way back but has something in tow this time, a whole deer. It’s almost as if he checked to make sure the coast was clear before brining his kill into the open. Smart bear… although there might not be too much competition in this backyard.

The bear drags the deer across the yard, just manhandling it, and takes it off to wherever he will enjoy his meal.

That’s a wild scene on the backyard camera.

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