German Shepherd Is A World Class Deckhand Catching Boat Lines In Viral Video

dog ties off boat

Someone give this dog a pay raise.

There is something about the enthusiasm of working dogs that makes you smile. This German shepherd is one of those dogs, and this video proves why dogs are indeed man’s best friend.

While we often write about dogs helping their owners keep a cow in its place or trying to lend help and by keeping the yard clear of rodents, this dog is taking his skills off the land. This shepherd deckhand is more on it than some of the hands-on this season of Below Deck. 

A San Francisco doc was ready to throw their tie lines to the four-legged friend as the shepherd eagerly waited to pull the ties on board, which would later be used to secure the boat to the dock.

The dog pops up onto the ledge of the boat named “Kitty Kat” (someone needs to change that immediately), barking at the men on the dock who are ready for the toss. The dog catches the ropes perfectly and begins pulling the rope onto the boat, taking up the slack that was in the water.

He gets the job done so fast that I can guarantee that if the pup had thumbs, the rope would have been tied as well.

What an excellent first mate.

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Social media users quickly took to the comments of the viral video, noting how adorable this captured moment was. This shepherd deserves a Good Dog of the Year award.

“When dogs have a job to do, they are always so excited when it’s their time to shine.”

“Was waiting for him to pull in to the dock.”

“Now that’s a good boy.”

“Better than some of the deckhands I’ve worked with.”


“Best mate ever. I bet he’s never late for work and never complains.”

“Bro standing on business.”

“Waiting for all the qualified captain comments saying that’s not how you tie onto a cleat correctly…”

“He understood the assignment.”

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock