Car Gets Towed Out Of Ditch & Right Off A Cliff On The Other Side (While Zach Bryan Hilariously Plays In The Background)

Car gets towed off cliff

I’ve both had my own Jeep pulled out of a ditch and helped friends get their vehicles out of a bad situation, but I’ve never seen anything like this before.

The other day while driving down a wooded road in Gold Coast, Australia, a couple got to witness a towing situation playout right before their eyes. Honestly, it seemed like a pretty straightforward operation. A small car had gone into a roadside ditch and was unable to get out, so all you have to do is call a friend with a pickup, hook up a tow strap, and let the truck give you some assistance while you drive it out.

That is all straightforward on paper at least and maybe only for those who’ve done it before, because what these poor people did made the situation go from not good to nearly as bad as it can get.

Getting the car moving was the easy part. We can’t see the other vehicle but they clearly gave it some gas and the little car came easily out of the ditch. But these geniuses didn’t plan for the next part and that’s where everything went downhill (literally).

For some reason, no one was in the driver’s seat and the car was in neutral, so when it got out of the ditch with a bit of momentum, it kept on rolling straight across the road and off a cliff on the other side.

Seriously, these guys pulled their car off a cliff…

I get that it’s not something they teach you in school but come on, you don’t think the car is going to keep moving once it’s started? Also, would it not be easier to get it out of the ditch if someone is, oh I don’t know, driving it? Fortunately no one was hurt, but that’s going to be a hard one to explain to your wife, parents, the cops, and pretty much everyone in the world.

Also, I assume it was still strapped to the other vehicle and unhitching it is going to be a problem and could even have pulled the other vehicle down the cliff if it had enough distance. To make this whole video even better, Zach Bryan’s “Oklahoma Smokeshow” is playing in the background, which makes me smile knowing that the Aussies at least have good taste in music.

It’s really the perfect line:

“I know your daddy ain’t home so ride with me tonight…”

Ride with me off the side of the road…

Guys, if your car is stuck, please make sure someone is in the driver’s seat when it’s being pulled out. Not only can you steer and hit the gas, but you can also hit the brake to prevent a disaster from unfolding.

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