Video Released Of Wrestling Icon Ric Flair Berating Florida Restaurant Manager For Cutting Him Off: “You’re A Dip****”

Ric Flair

The wrestling legend is barking up the wrong tree on this one.

Over the weekend, the wrestling icon and Nature Boy himself, the great Ric Flair, was in Gainsville, Florida, attending the University of Florida graduation. But a weekend that should have been celebrating the completion of higher education took a turn when Flair was seen in an altercation with a local pizza restaurant.

Flair took to social media after his incident to say that the restaurant was disrespectful to him.

“Spent $1500 At Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza To Be Disrespected More Than I Ever Have In My Entire Life. After Taking 20 Pictures With Customers And Staff, I Was Asked To Leave Because Of An Issue I Had With The Kitchen Manager Taking Too Long In The Bathroom.

I Would Highly Recommend That Anyone Who Wants To Enjoy A Relaxing Time In Gainesville At A Nice Restaurant To Never Visit This Place! WOOOOO!”

Flair took to social media to set the record straight, claiming he was disrespected and wrongfully removed from the situation. However, video footage of the altercation with the Kitchen Manager arose shortly after, and it appears that Flair might have asked for it.

Footage shows Flair at the bar, clearly agitated, talking to three employees. Throughout the conversation, it becomes clear that the staff was not telling Flair that he needed to leave but rather that he was cut off. It sounds like the problem started because Flair went off on someone (the kitchen manager) for taking too long in the bathroom. Flair seems rather intoxicated.

One of the team members asks Flair how he feels that their team has been disrespectful to him, to which he replies that asking him to leave was disrespectful.

“I’m not telling you to leave. We are just telling you that you are cut off.”

One of the restaurant employees is heard telling Flair. He then becomes more aggressive, and it appears from the conversation that he was trying to leave a $1,000 tip to be served. While the team members handled the situation calmly, Flair kept asking one of the male employees to meet him outside and handle the situation “like a man.”

Everything seemed as though it would fizzle out soon, but a bystander at the bar then chimed in, saying he would meet Flair outside… not what the situation needed.

That Florida Man air got Flair going…

After the incident, New4Jax reported that a wrestling podcast, Going Ringside, connected with the restaurant owner, who was pleased with how their staff handled the angry Ric Flair.

“We have reviewed video of the incident that took place recently at our restaurant. It is clear, our team worked in a professional manner to ensure the safety of guests and staff.

We have thanked our team for their professionalism. We are proud of how they responded to this situation using and displaying our team values.”

Going Ringside requested an interview with the establishment’s owner and will share more information if he chooses to publicly address the situation.

Social media appears to be on the side of the restaurant after footage of the altercation surfaces. Social media users sounded off in the comments on a family picture from the graduation celebration with some hilarious bathroom jokes.

“Before the touchdown in the men’s!! WOOOOOOO!”

“The pants dropping. Toilet paper stopping. No courtesy flush son of a gun.”

“Should have offered the manager a bump when you were in the bathroom.”

“Ric loves this place. Nice toilets, apparently.”

“Moments before disaster.”

“Where’s the toilet you clogged?”

“The kitchen manager is approaching the bathroom.”

“Bad night to be a kitchen manager.”

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