Bunnie Xo Hops In Cold Plunge To Celebrate Jelly Roll Finishing His 5k & Losing 50 Pounds

Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll country music

My wife would never…

Regardless of how you feel about Jelly Roll’s music (and I know there are some strong opinions on that topic) it’s hard to deny that he’s a great guy with a big heart. From visiting the prison where he spent time to honoring veterans at his shows to inspiring aspiring artists (and the world at large) with his full throttle acceptance speeches, the guy has no doubt put in the work and deserves all of the success that’s been flowing his way over the past few years and he’s got a drink on me if I ever get the pleasure of meeting him.

But despite all the headlines and sold out shows, there’s one thing Jelly has always struggled with and it finally caught up with him mentally not that long ago.

It’s no secret Jelly is a big guy and the comments about his weight got so bad that he was forced to stop using social media, but instead of having that be a shutdown moment, he decided to let it fuel him and make a change.

Jelly Roll made the decision to run a 5k a few months ago at the request of comedians Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura and got to work almost immediately. He met with bio hacker Gary Brecka to develop a plan to lose an astounding 250 pounds in 14 months and kept up with his diet and workout routine to prepare for race day, which was yesterday.

True to his word, Jelly Roll finished the 5k and then spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the experience:

“I couldn’t walk a mile when I started trying to do this back in January so the fact that we got 3-point-whatever it was, got it down, I felt really, really good about it… I feel great, I’m a little tired, It was a little bit harder than I thought it was going to be, but it’s awesome, man.”

Hats off to Jelly Roll. It’s so hard to get in a habit of working out and taking care of yourself if you’ve never done it and being an artist with a heavy touring schedule only adds to the difficulty, so the fact that he’s been able to lose 50lbs and finish a 5k just a few months removed from not being able to walk a mile really needs to be celebrated.

Well, Jelly Roll’s wife certainly realized how big of a moment it was and celebrated with him at the end like the proud, supportive spouse she is.

Bunnie Xo, who at this point is nearly as big of a star as Jelly himself, (I mean, talk about a power couple) posted a video to Instagram showing Jelly taking a recovery ice bath after the race, and after a big of coaxing, decided to hop in and join her man.

“What a beautiful day w/ beautiful ppl! So proud of my baby doing the 5k & losing 50 lbs to do it!”

If you’ve never hopped in a cold plunge or ice bath you may not realize just how cold it is; Imagine swimming under the ice in a frozen lake and you’ll get the picture. As I said up top, my wife really does support me in a lot of things but there’s a less than zero chance she’d hop in an ice bath with me, so it just goes to show how much Bunnie really cares about him.

Things like this always get me fired up and I’m very proud of Jelly for starting his “fitness journey” as the influencers say. I really hope he sticks with it, and Jelly, if you happen to read this, you’ve got a workout partner in me if you want it.

Now I’m fired up, let’s have a heck of a Wednesday.

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