“Will Take Insane Discipline” – Parker McCollum Wants To Get “Tim McGraw Shredded”

Tim McGraw Parker McCollum
Parker McCollum/Tim McGraw

Getting ahead on the dad bod allegations.

Not that there are any, but we all know that when you bring a kiddo into this world, your priorities shift, and you don’t have as much free time to spend in the gym. Instead, you’re hammer curls are looking more like wiping a baby’s butt.

As Parker McCollum and his wife gear up to welcome their baby boy into the world later this year, Parker is spending his days getting into shape. But not just in shape in general, McCollum took to social media to share that he has a particular physique he is working towards…

“Lost 20 pounds since this time last year. Just to see how thin I could get. Now I’m bored. Bout to see how Tim McGraw shredded I can get. Will take insane discipline but it ain’t no thing.”

Yep, Parker McCollum wants to get as shredded as the “Real Good Man” singer. I mean, you have to give it to Tim McGraw. At 57 years old, he is in better shape than most 20-somethings. If you aren’t aware of how lean and muscled McGraw is, check it out.

Parker McCollum, are you going to take us on a journey for this transformation like Jelly Roll did before running his 5k? And I must know… once you are “Tim McGraw shredded,” will you incorporate skinny jeans and deep v-cut sweaters into the wardrobe?

From inquiring about selling feet pics to wanting to get this in shape, these are two things that were not on my bingo card for 2024… but here we are.

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