“Leave Wildlife Care To The Professionals” – Carrie Underwood Under Fire For Helping Baby Bird Abandoned On Her Front Porch

Carrie Underwood bird
Carrie Underwood

Social media can be exhausting at times.

Country superstar Carrie Underwood likely already knew that, but at the very least, she was reminded of the cruel place that social media can be when she got caught up in controversy a couple of days ago.

It all started when the country music superstar and former American Idol contestant shared a video of herself nursing a baby bird back to health after she found the helpless avian infant abandoned on her porch, as she explained:

“About a week ago, a bird fell out of its nest outside of my door. It was clearly way too young to take care of itself…we tried to put it back, but the next day it was out of the nest again. This time, it was dead. It also had a sibling nearby…I figured the mother abandoned the nest because it smelled like humans.

I scooped up the bird and brought it inside. It was weak and scared. I gave it some liquid first because I thought it would be quite dehydrated. Next, I made it a smoothie of dried larvae (chicken treats), boiled eggs, water and a few berries. It soon started to gain strength and its feathers started growing.”

Of course, that’s a very nice and noble thing to do on paper. There aren’t many times in life where we humans can do small acts of kindness for our outdoor neighbors, and Carrie saw this as an opportunity to help a baby bird in need. Obviously she never had any intentions of keeping the bird forever. Underwood was just trying to help it to where it could live life out on its own:

“Now, I feed it every time I walk by and clean up the messes. I think it likes the old beanie I put it in. Of course, life would’ve been better with mama bird, but I knew it wouldn’t last long on its own. Hopefully, I can release it within the next couple of days and the interaction it has had with us hasn’t messed up its bird-hood! Until then, I’ll enjoy the little chirps and feeling like a cartoon princess who talks to the animals.”

So the reaction to that post should have been (or could have been), “Aww, that’s sweet! Good for Carrie.”

But as you are probably aware, social media doesn’t work like that. The comment section was flooded with all different kinds of responses, some positive and supportive and some… really mean.

In defense of some of the not-so-nice responses, most states do require training, licenses or certification when it comes to wildlife rehabilitation. Those that were yelling at Underwood to take the baby bird to a rehab facility weren’t technically wrong about it.

That’s why this nice, feel-good video that Underwood was trying to share turned into a storm of controversy as people online argued over whether or not it was appropriate to step in to try and save the baby bird. Internet trolls and some proclaimed bird experts stated that what she was doing was wrong, while others commended the country star for just trying to help:

“That’s illegal Carrie you’re not allowed to handle wild birds and just adopt them! Shame on you girl.”

“Imagine showing kindness to one of God’s creatures and people judging you for it. Some of y’all need to get a grip.”

“Please bring it to a rehab center. Even if it’s been imprinted on people now, they can at least make sure it is getting the correct care. Please leave wildlife care to the professionals- don’t encourage people to take these animals home.”

“That was a kind thing to do to save the bird.”

“Baby birds are very delicate and require very specific care and it’s best to trust the experts here.”

That’ll be the last time Carrie tries to share something nice with social media…

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