HARDY Says He Was Initially “Reluctant” To Write With Morgan Wallen Because He Might Not Have Anything To Gain From It

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At this point it would be tough to tell the story of HARDY‘s career without talking about Morgan Wallen.

HARDY got his first #1 as a songwriter with “Up Down,” the second single from Morgan’s debut studio album If I Know Me. And it was quickly followed up by “More Than My Hometown” and “Sand In My Boots,” both songs co-written by HARDY that topped the charts.

He’s also opened for Morgan on several tours at this point, and the two have also released several songs together, including “He Went To Jared,” which HARDY joined Morgan to perform during his recent show at Nissan Stadium in Nashville.

But HARDY was initially reluctant to write with Morgan.

As he revealed during his commencement address to the class of 2024 at Middle Tennessee State University this weekend, at the time they first met, Morgan was brand new in town – and HARDY didn’t think that writing with Morgan would do anything for his career:

“About 8 years ago, my publisher called me and he if I wanted to write with this artist. Someone who was brand new, someone I had never heard of before.

And I was a young songwriter, hungry to write with the biggest writers in town. And to be honest, the last thing on my mind was giving my time to someone that I might not have anything to gain from.”

Well of course he ended up agreeing to the write, and he and Morgan would go on to become close friends – though he admits that the song they wrote that day wasn’t their best.

And as he told the students at MTSU, things turned out pretty good from that decision:

“That was in 2016. Two years later, I wrote my first #1 song, recorded by that artist. Later I landed a record deal and my first full-length tour opening for that artist.

To this day, I have gotten 16 cuts, I’ve written three #1s for that artist, I’ve toured with him in the biggest stadiums in the country, some of the biggest stadiums in the world, and I can confidently say he had a huge hand in helping me start not only my songwriting career but my artist career as well.

And there is a very big chance none of that would have ever happened if I would not have said yes to writing with my friend Morgan Wallen way back in April of 2016.”

Obviously the lesson here is to take the opportunities that present themselves to you, even if you aren’t sure about how much they’re going to benefit you.

As HARDY put it:

“Take a chance on things. Take a chance on people. Take a chance on yourself.

The word ‘Yes’ can truly change your life.”

I mean, it worked out pretty well for HARDY…


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