Kelly Clarkson Performs Beautiful Rendition Of Lainey Wilson’s Underrated Deep Cut, “Two Story House”

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The Kelly Clarkson Show

I think we need a Lainey Wilson and Kelly Clarkson collab ASAP.

Of course, Kelly is known to cover the heck outta some country pretty often on her show, and she never, ever disappoints.

And yesterday, she delivered a beautiful, heartfelt rendition of Lainey’s song “Two Story House,” which is a single she put out a couple of years ago and in my very humble opinion, one of her best deep guts and hidden gems.

A co-write by Lainey with Jon Henderson and Neal Coty, Lainey tells the story of how she and her older sister were raised the same way in the same “two story house,” but wound up taking completely different paths in life.

Her sister chose to get married and have babies, while Lainey opted to head to Music City and chase her dreams in country music. It’s a very unique concept and one I haven’t heard put quite this way in a country song before, and I still hope that one day it will find its way onto an album.

Kelly and Lainey actually have done a duet before, when Lainey appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show a few months ago and they delivered a rousing rendition of Lainey’s song “Country’s Cool Again,” but I think they need to team up in an official capacity and put out something new because they have such natural chemistry and vocals that compliment each other.

Anywho, if you’ve never heard this Lainey Wilson song before, it’s high time to change that and Kelly’s cover is a perfect rendition that I absolutely love:

“Two Story House”

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