Muscadine Bloodline Drop Music Videos For Latest Two Singles “Mary Riley” & “Earle Byrd From Mexia”

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Muscadine Bloodline

Visuals to match the two heaters that Muscadine Bloodline dropped in March.

These Alabama boys do not miss. Everything they have been doing recently has been on point, and boy, does it get me fired up to see what is in store for this next album.

After Muscadine Bloodline released their A Day To Remember cover with Drayton Farley, the duo noted the singles coming out after that would appear on their next album, and they came out of the gates swinging with knee slappers “Mary Riley” and “Earle Byrd From Mexia.” 

The two singles follow the plotlines of two very different characters, and the lyrics flawlessly describe the polar opposite main characters. This week, the boys simultaneously released music videos further highlighting the stories of “Mary Riley” and “Earle Byrd From Mexia.”

“Mary Riley” highlights the tale of a boy who falls into the club with a country club rich girl. While he falls head over heels, he realizes that it might be a forbidden love, as Mary Riley’s father is not a fan of his daughter’s hidden love interest.

“Daddy’s little angel knows a damn good time
Breaking in the back seat breaking rules
Can’t learn loving on a rich man’s dime
Sure didn’t learn it at the private school”

The music video perfectly highlights that Mary Riley is cut from a different cloth as the Muscadine boys perform the song on a golf course in jeans and boots.

In the second music video for “Earle Byrd From Mexia,” the character Earle is the complete opposite of Mary Riley. Earle is a southern outlaw who likes his corn liquor, has served our nation, and might have had his hand in some illegal fighting rings. While he might have served time for his illegal moonshine operation, he came out of the cell and retired to an old cabin to live a simple life.

“Well now ol’ Earle Byrd is 90 something sittin’ on the porch sippin’
Nehi nawin’ on a sugar cane shoe
Ride out to the house and he’ll tell ya all about all the rot gut rye that he used to brew
He’s a mountain of a man from Monroe an lord knows
He Don’t deny nothing of the preminission
Good ol boys from south Alabama make a livin during prohibition…”

The video is shot in an old barn that might have been used to hide his stash and highlights the outlaw way of life Earle embodied. Wearing more “redneck” clothing, Gary Stanton and Charlie Muncaster fit the look for this barn-burning track.

Fire these two up at max volume if you haven’t already done so.

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