Driver Plows Into 3 Deer At One Time After Seeing Blood All Over The Road

car hits three deer at one time
Ricky Beats (A.T.)

3-for-1…. just not the 3-for-1 that anybody wants…

I mean really, talk about bad luck.

Deer seem to be just a walking victim to violence. They are very common creatures across North America and make a good meal to many things, including hunters. In many places they grow large populations, especially in towns without as many predators or competition. This leads to increased human interactions and many crashes as they cross roads.

And deer aren’t a fun animal to run into with your vehicle. They are known to cause a good bit of damage. You average deer is around 120 pounds in most places, so definitely not something you want to hit.

Now, one deer can cause some damage, but three must be an absolute nightmare. Unfortunately, these folks had a wild night to say the least.

They are seen driving along just talking, when out of nowhere, there’s blood smeared across the road.

“Oh, deer, deer, deer.”

“Oh, oh, S***!”

They roll their car through what looks like a crime scene of a deer accident, blood smeared all over the road, and then get into their own as they smash through three deer at once. The deer go everywhere in seems with one even smashing the windshield.


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