“If You Think I Ain’t Coming Back… Bet Against Me” – Colt Ford Shares Update On Social Media After Near Fatal Heart Attack

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Colt Ford

Seeing Colt Ford for one of the first times since his near-fatal heart attack.

In early April, news broke that Colt Ford went down after a show in Gilbert, Arizona, and was rushed to the ER, suffering a severe heart attack. After spending some time in the ICU, he called into the Big D & Bubba Show, providing an update to the radio hosts.

Hearing how serious the heart attack was from his mouth was shocking.

“It’s just been a traumatic, crazy experience, guys. I don’t even remember coming out here to do a show in Phoenix.” 

During the phone interview, he went into detail about the event and how thankful he was to Brantley Gilbert for stepping in and helping get him to the hospital to receive care.

“I died three times. Luckily, my band came out to check on me…they came out to check on me, and then all of a sudden they were like, ‘Oh God,’ and then that is when all hell broke loose.”

Closing out the interview, he noted how severe the heart attack was from what his doctors told him, and it sounds like we are beyond lucky to be hearing from Ford.

“This Mayo Clinic out here in Phoenix, if it was going to happen, God could not have had me in a better place. The big doc out here said, ‘I wouldn’t give me 1%, but I give you 0.1% that you’d survive.’”

While it is one thing to hear about the scary event in a phone interview, it is another to actually see him in recovery. Today, the Georgia native took to social media to provide a video update on his progress.

In a wheelchair, wearing a hospital gown outside, he tells fans that he will keep fighting to make a comeback.

“Hey guys, it’s Colt here. I am fighting so hard every day to get back to my family, my friends…my fans. I love y’all so much.

I got my a** out of bed and, with the help of some wonderful nurses, got in a wheelchair. They brought me outside so I could feel a little sun on my face. First time in a long time…it feels good. 

I still got a long way to go, but if you think I ain’t coming back…bet against me. See what happens.”

You heard it from the man. He is far from giving up on making a full recovery. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, Colt.

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