Zach Bryan Debuts New Song “Oak Island” In Greenville, South Carolina

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This album is about to be something special.

Zach Bryan sure is having fun teasing what is in the pipeline at recent shows. After confirming that a new album, The Great American Bar Sceneis coming later this year, he has been performing some new songs, which one can assume will appear on the tracklist.

From performing “28” for the first time the other week, posting a backyard jam session of “Like Ida,” and teasing the full production demo of fan favorite “The Way Back,” the collection of songs that are anticipated to be on this album is something special. Well, get ready to add a new fan favorite to that list because Greenville, South Carolina, ZB debuted a stellar new song, “Oak Island.”

If you’re a pedal steel fan, this song is for you.

“This is the first time I’ve ever played it, so forgive me.”

He opens the track by noting that there might be a bobble or two. While I didn’t catch on to any major mistakes, I guess that is the beauty of performing a new song. Fans never know if you’re messing up because they don’t know it.

Greenville clearly recharged ZB creatively, maybe motivating the crowd to try out the new track. He shared on social media how electric they were, noting they put “some fire” in the boys on stage.

The melody of the song reminds me of Chris Stapleton’s “Crosswind,” and the build of the lyrics with the ending being loud and rowdy reminds me heavily of “Revival.”

“But if I find ’em on that island first
The worst is yеt to come
‘Cause no blood in the mud I was raised in spends
Life on the run…”

I think that this track will quickly become a fan favorite and a staple from his catalog. Turn it up and let it rip.

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