Massachusetts Police Believe Fatal Car Crash Victim Was Dragged Away From Scene By A Black Bear

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A horrific car crash.

On Sunday morning, authorities found a 31-year-old Massachusetts man, Daniel Ducharme, and his wrecked car around 11 am. Police reports show that Ducharme was driving when he lost control of his vehicle, hitting a guard rail and flipping multiple times down an embankment.

Based on the condition of the car, CBS News reported that officials believe the crash was fatal. However, what happened after the crash is alarming. When police arrived at the crime scene, Ducharme was not in his car, and other evidence suggests that during the crash, he was “either fully ejected or partially ejected.”

While finding a car crash like this is horrific, police also noticed a bear from the edge of the woods, noting that it might have seen Ducharme as prey, and further evidence suggests that the driver’s “ejection” led the bear to drag the body from the vehicle later fully.

As the body was not found directly next to the “severely damaged” Honda Civic, police are led to believe the bear drug him from the crash scene.

“When first responders reached the scene, the deceased male occupant of the vehicle was outside the car, and a bear was observed in the woods in the vicinity of the scene.

Evidence suggests the bear at some point had made contact with the victim’s body.”

The bear fled as officials and other personnel arrived at the scene of the crime, and an investigation has since been opened.

Most bears came out of hibernation in April, so this bear might have seen the victim as an easy prey target. Our thoughts go to the family of the victim.

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