Bad*ss Bald Eagle Drags Massive Muskie All The Way To The Shore

A bird swimming in water

I could’ve gone my entire life without knowing that bald eagles can swim. I would’ve been too embarrassed to ask. But lo and behold, a Twitter user boating in Minnesota just so happened to capture footage of an eagle swimming in the St. Croix River.

Apparently injured, the eagle was floating about, sheepishly making his way to shore.

But as it turns out, he wasn’t injured, no this eagle has a massive muskie in his talons, a muskie too big to lift out of the water. So rather than hunting for a smaller fish, one that he could gracefully dive bomb, rip clean out of the water, and fly off into the wild blue yonder, this bad motherfucker dragged the live fish all the way to shore and ate him right there.

Nature is so fucking cool. Oh yeah, and…


h/t BroBible

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock