Kane Brown Thanks His Mom & Grandmother With New “Good As You” Video”

Tugging on the heartstrings with this one.

As a tribute to the strong women that raised him, Kane is shining the spotlight on his mom and grandmother in the new “Good For You” music video.

“I was raised with strong women around me,” Kane tells CMT.com “My Mom worked multiple jobs and my Nana truly was a sheriff in my town,” he added. “To be able to honor them is incredible because no matter how much we struggled, my Mom and Nana never let me see it,” he revealed. They sheltered me from any problems and I appreciate them for that.”

The video also stars This Is Us actor Lonnie Chavis.

“I wanted to make a video that reflected the women who raised me. The opening line ’I see the way you’re taking care of your mama, the way your taking care of me.’ That was my Mom taking care of Nana and me and my Nana taking care of my MeMaw and me.”

A good reminder to thank your mom today.

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A beer bottle on a dock